PandaGoat Media

A collaborative relationship between five talented media professionals, PandaGoat aims to be the go-to media and marketing agency in the Southern Tier – a one-stop shop for graphic design, website development, video production, photography, aerial footage, social media, print advertising, and marketing strategy. Now more than ever, businesses need to provide their customers with high-end content, an easy to use website with e-commerce capability, consistent branding, and a dedicated end goal. The five members of PandaGoat Media – Brenda Perks, Mike Joslyn, Ashley Baron, Jaimie Woodarek, and Spencer Timkey – all bring unique assets to the table with resumes to match.

Located at 9 West Washington Street, across the hall from the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce, PandaGoat Media invites you to stop by our newly renovated office, sit down with our team, and discover what we can do for you. Because if one creative person can help your business imagine what you can do with five!