Good for the Spirit Gifts

We are here to support your spiritual journey. We have over a hundred types of crystals and crystal carvings as well as locally made crystal jewelry. We carry spiritual books, cards, angel paintings, oodles of intention candles, divination and healing tools like gongs, tuning forks and singing bowls. Fun things for your senses such as essential oils and diffusers, smudge sticks and incense, and raw, organic, heart-opening cacao. We are a very very happy place. Come into balance, we got the right stuff to tickle your chakras and bring joy back in to your home, office, and personal space. The store owner, Suzy Woo, is a spiritual healer, astrologer, and psychic medium who loves to share her knowledge and teach everything she knows, so watch our Facebook page and website for upcoming workshops, classes and life-changing retreats!