Ellicottville's local retailer for skateboard equipment and apparel with a full indoor skatepark! 

Daily City Train is a skate shop located in the town of Ellicottville New York. We offer top-quality skateboards, accessories, and apparel. Join our vibrant skateboarding community and participate in events and contests. It is our goal to provide you with an experience that shows you the thrill of skateboarding in a welcoming atmosphere.

DCT offers a store full of decks, trucks and wheels, protective gear, branded t-shirts and accessories. Owned and operated by longtime skater and Ellicottville native Chris Perks, DCT’s focus is on growing the scene and bringing the sport back to its roots. 

Inside the shop, you’ll find skate brands including Anti-Hero, Baker, Birdhouse, Deathwish, Girl, GX1000, Krooked, Meow, Powell Peralta, Thrasher, Thunder, Spitfire and more. Plus a full line of 187 Killer Pads protective gear (knee, elbow, wrist guards and helmets), as well as hats, socks, belts, jewelry, wallets and stickers.

DCT’s indoor skatepark invites all ages and skill levels to skate, learn and come together. The beginner friendly features are also fun and challenging for experienced skaters, as expressed by many who have already come through the DCT door.

Admission to DCT’s indoor park is $10 all day, and a lounge area complete with couches and TV streaming skate videos welcomes park users when they need a break.

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