Ellicottville Gazebo - Second Act

Thanks to the sponsorship of CCSE Federal Credit Union, summers in Ellicottville have been taken to another level with everything that is going on in the village, and Thursdays are no different. This year we have spiced things up by adding a variety of fun and exciting bands that will make you want to dance the night away. The Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce will make sure the air is full of music and fun with the annual Gazebo Series.
August 6, 2020


Second Act is a four piece group that plays Classic Rock, Pop even some new music and original songs by 

Dr.Tyler Calkins, who plays keyboards and sings. Lisa Platko Auteri's voice is a feature of this band as well as the fine guitar playing of John Tomerlin and the percussion of Jim Copeland. They plan to bring this performance live to their facebook page